Spidey Tek is a biotech company dedicated to the mass production of the strongest material known to man, Real Spider Silk, and its utilization to produce superior products for the 21st Century. Spider silk is a Bio-material stronger and lighter than steel, aluminum, carbon fiber, Kevlar or any other material available to man.

Spider silk has been recognized as the strongest material on earth for many decades. The question has always been, ‘how do you harvest enough of the silk to make it commercially viable.’ Spidey Tek has discovered the answers to producing large quantities of spider silk that will be used in many applications and products.

Through the marvels of genetic engineering replication of what spiders have developed during the past 500 million years of evolution has become possible. This incredible breakthrough has been accomplished by specifically identifying the genes that code for the production of spider silk and implanting them into the DNA of specialized microorganisms. These bio vectors, in turn produce Real Spider Silk Proteins, which can then be mixed with chemicals or materials to improve their mechanical properties and/or the proteins are utilized in the making of Real Spider Silk Fibers, which can be used then to replace materials such as carbon fiber, steel and other commonly used materials to make superior products.

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It has been our lifetime quest to unravel all the secrets of spider silk and bring all of its benefits to humanity.

Real Spider Silk Proteins


Spidey Tek's Real Spider Silk Characteristics & Advantages


STRONGER than Carbon Fiber, Kevlar, Steel or Aluminum

TOUGHER than Carbon Fiber, Kevlar, Steel or Aluminum

LIGHTER than Carbon Fiber, Kevlar, Steel or Aluminum

LESS EXPENSIVE than Carbon Fiber, Kevlar, Steel or Aluminum when mass produced

MULTI DIRECTIONAL, STIFF and FLEXIBLE at the same time. Only material in the world with such qualities