Real Spider Silk can be utilized to replace materials such as Carbon Fiber, Kevlar, Steel, Aluminum or plastics to manufacture different products across many different platforms. In addition, Spider silk proteins can be mixed with chemicals such as polyurethanes, polycarbonates, polypropylene, resins and materials for 3D printing (PLA & ABS).


If it needs to be lighter, stronger and at no additional cost to manufacture, it needs to be Spidey Tek.

Nearly everything we interact with can be made better through the addition of spider silk and Super Spider Silk.

With every nation on the planet mandating that planes, trains and automobiles create fewer emissions by reducing the amount of fuel they burn, Spidey Tek is the answer.

It is a proven engineering fact that the lighter the vehicle, the less energy it requires to operate. Reducing the weight of vehicles is the most logical way to meet the mileage and emissions mandates.

Every car and truck maker would love to build their vehicles out of carbon fiber, but that is just too costly. Now they can use chassis, body panels and other components made with Real Spider Silk to vastly reduce the weight of the vehicle for about the same cost of using existing steel components.