Spidey Bat


The Spidey Bat VTOL Drone is the creation of an award winning designer.

This drone is unique in many ways, beginning with the fact that is made of super strong, super durable spider silk. This is the first commercially viable vehicle or product to be made with Real Spider Silk.

The Spidey tek VTOL design allows this drone to take off and land like a helicopter. Once it has reached flying altitude, the wings rotate forward and it becomes an airplane. This flying attitude allows the drone longer flight time, the ability to carry heavier payloads and remains almost indestructible.

This unique VTOL-UAV proves that Spidey Tek has harnessed the strongest material known to man to build stronger, lighter, more efficient products for the global market.

Powertrain: Electric motors & Li Batteries
Construction: Real Spider Silk & Resin
Wingspan: 30 inches
Flight Time: 1 hour
Applications: Military & Commercial